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When formatting the music for your wedding we generally do so in 3 main stages; dinner, itinerary and reception. In the event you’ve asked us to provide music during the ceremony, we treat that as yet another separate category. The reason we break it down into stages is to properly customize your wedding entertainment, making it much easier to personalize the soundtrack of your night.┬áThe format would breakdown as follows:

*please note that if the ceremony takes place in a separate area from your reception, extra fees may apply*

Ceremony: Your choice of music during any of the events of the ceremony portion of the day. Ambient music during the guest arrival, entrance music for the bride and groom as well as each group in the wedding party (groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer) and any other music selections needed. Traditionally, most couples will just bring a CD to the venue in which the ceremony will be held, not worrying about a DJ for this part of the day. However, couples who are looking for something non-traditional or those getting married in an outdoor setting will sometimes consider using a DJ.

Dinner: As the title would imply, we treat the dinner portion of the night as it’s own entity. I personally like the atmosphere that can be created during this part of the evening. Love is in the air and we want this part of of the night to “feel good” as it is the warm up of the night yet to come. Big Band and “crooner favs” are a popular choice while “Motown” dinners are classic and fun. Recently we did a wedding where a couple was having a hard time choosing the dinner portion but had mentioned “Buena Vista Social Club”, so we created an atmosphere based around classic Cuban Jazz, very romantic.

This part of the night is also a great opportunity to get more personal with the music. As the reception gets going, there will be lots of guests circulating the dance floor as well as photo posing, itinerary events etc., so dinner is a great time to play personal songs of the bride and groom that may not be as┬ádance-able, but still mean a lot to the couple and they don’t want to miss out on hearing it.

We had one couple ask that the best man choose all the music as dedications for this part of the evening, but none during the dance part of the night. This struck me as odd until he made a lot of slower Indie Rock requests that conflicted with what the couple wanted during dancing, but since he was so personal and knew the couple well, he really helped customize a perfect dinner score that would showcase some of the couples nostalgia, without slowing down the vibe later on. When it came time to dancing, it was a younger crowd with a lot of high energy so being able to separate that worked out perfectly for the dance floor.

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Itinerary: This is everything from walking in the door for the first time as the married couple, to the first dance, to cake cutting, to parent/daughter/son dances to speeches and so on. There are two main reasons for our itinerary list, wedding venues cost money, and you want to get the most our of your night, so scheduling is key. If we’ve done our part to know your schedule, it gives you more time to enjoy your reception, while we worry about what happens at what time.

You’ve also put a lot of time and energy into this night, something that might seem insignificant to others like what your Mom walks into, might mean the absolute world to the two of you. I’ve heard stories of DJs really messing this one up and it bothers me when I hear that, people are trusting a once in a lifetime deal partly to us as vendors and there’s responsibility in that. This is a difference between a professional Dj and a budget DJ, and understanding that will always be that difference.

Reception: Let the party start! I know that there’s been a lot of information to soak in so far, but we believe in preparation, and I also want to provide you with all the information you need in advance before deciding whether we’re the right DJ service for you.

Thankfully there’s less to be said about the reception, other than we’ve already shown that we do our best to make sure the appropriate music is formatted for each part of the night. We build your dance part of the evening based on what you’ve asked for during the more personal events of the night, as well as looking at some of your favourite “just for fun” songs.

We generally do a main consultation for music, then you can communicate with us at your convenience for the rest. You can email us at anytime, we can create an optional log in for guest requests, and it’s up to you whether you want a “must play” “do not play” or “only if requested” list.


So these are the main stages of how we format music for a wedding, we don’t charge based on how we format other than in the event we have to use multiple set ups in separate venue/areas. Contact us and let’s have a chat about what we can do for your wedding.

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