Before I started DJs For Weddings, I was a club/events DJ and promoter. And, since I have a strong voice I was always the one elected to handle announcements, crowd hype, play host during stage activities, and anything else associated with the microphone.

One of the reasons I was good at it was because I was personable. When I was in the promoter role, I knew the clientele, as a resident DJ I had become familiar with the regulars who frequented the club, and the more familiar I was with any given crowd, the more involved I was able to get them through my personal approach to the “call and response”.

Now, the reason I’m telling you this is so that you can get a better understanding of how important it is to have an MC that can engage the crowd, not so that I can toot my own horn. On the contrary, I’m actually telling you this so that you may consider asking someone you know who is close to your “crowd” to act as MC for the more personal moments on the night’s agenda.

This is not to say that the DJ we provide won’t handle the required mic duties, he’s there to do a job and will perform that duty 100% to your expectation. We also don’t expect you stick a friend (who also wants to have fun and celebrate) with “official” shift duties. For the rest of the night you’ll need a professional who understands the flow of a wedding and how to keep it on track.¬†However, experience has shown us that not only is it memorable to have a loved one introduce you as the happy couple, but it’s also fun to have him or her tell an inside joke in between speeches, the kind of stuff better left to someone who knows you best.

Again, when we’re booked for your event, we’ll provide you with as much or as little mic work as you require. In the event of very large weddings with lots of interactive activities, we can also offer the option of a dedicated MC to host games or any other itinerary events you have planned. So consider this article food for thought when it comes having an extra personal touch to those lifetime memories.

And please, only consider this if your friend/family member is comfortable with the task, otherwise leave it us, that’s what we’re here for.

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