Looking for DJ services in Toronto but not planning for a wedding? That’s alright, we do other special events too. Experienced in anything and everything from clubs to pubs, corporate events, backyard BBQ’s, media launches and sporting events. We can handle anything you can throw at us and then some.

We do local events and travel gigs and not only do we play, but we specialize in a wide variety of genres that most other DJs only dabble in. Often a DJ will claim “open format DJing” but they can only play the same handful set of tracks that every other DJ plays every weekend in the same order across the city.

Whether it’s a film and TV wrap party or live concert event, with subtle ambience or full on MC call and response interaction, rest assured we will deliver the goods at your event and give it the credit it deserves.

Consider our service for you next celebration. We’re mature enough to bring musical knowledge and creativity to the forefront of our sets without treating your event like our own personal scratch pad, while young enough to maintain the energy and style needed to cater to today’s trend setting event.